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MPL Playoffs : We're starting to see red cards

  • Written by digimalt


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Every team has now played three matches; Chanmari FC in the lead with 9 points with a winning streak of 3 matches won and none lost. Aizawl FC sits in 2nd place with 7 points. Reitlang FC have shot themselves up to 3rd place in the table with 6 points,the same points as FC RS Annexe who are currently in the 4th place

Reitlang FC 3 - 1 Chanmari West FC

Excellent physical fitness apparently boosts your confidence,as we continue to see in Reitlang FC's performance. 13 mins into the game and Zion Lalramluaha scores the first goal. No more goals for a while as Chanmari West FC pushes back,with the occasional half-chances. Reitlang FC's H.Lianzama scores the 2nd goal during the extra 3 mins added to the first half


At the beginning of the play-offs H.Lianzama was said to lack 'finishing touch',but he has proved himself to be quite the goal scoring phenomenon,his speed giving Chanmari West FC's defenders a hard time. And if he had more window for precision he'd probably be scoring a lot more goals than he already has.

Chanmari west fc's performance picks up in the 2nd half. 50 mins into the game F.Lalnunhlua scores their first goal,raising the hopes for a chance to turn the tables.

74 mins into the game Reitlang FC's Zohmingthanga is tackled by Chanmari west fc's defender. The referee awards a penalty. Reitlang FC's vannunmawia steps forward and delivers a beautiful goal to the left of Chanmari west fc's goalkeeper. No more goals scored for the remainder of the match. Reitlang fc wins the match against chanmari west fc with final score of 3-1

Chanmari FC 2- 0 College Veng FC

From the very start of the match,its nearly impossible to tell the dominating team with no clear chances for either team,only the occasional half-chances. No goals were scored in the first half

Chanmari FC picks up on their game iin the 2nd half,with more than a few near-goal chances from the set piece
Pushing as hard as they can,chanmari fc are determined to win the match. Tat-a unforunately missed a clear goal chance,even with the goalkeeper out of range.

Only 10 mins of the game left and College veng FC's central defender Lalchhanchhuaha knocks down Chanmari FC's Hlutea just outside penalty area and gets himself a red card from the referee.
College veng fc,now one player short, doubles up in their defense. Tragedy strikes again as their central defender Zonunsiama gets injured,leaving the team two central defenders short and turns the match around in Chanmari FC's favour

87 mins into the game Chanmari FC's captain chhinga scores the first goal. 90 mins are up. Tat-a makes up for his previous miss and scores the second goaol in 90+2 mins,making the final score 2-0 in Chanmari FC's favour

Chanmari fc now leads the mpl playoffs with 9 points : 3 wins and no losses yet

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